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Welcome and thank you for your interest in my creations.

I've been creating hats and other head ornaments since October 2021. After searching for a unique quality hat online for years, and falling short, I finally gave in and started making my own. Most hats I found were made out of cheap materials with minimal decorations that fell apart easily. I wanted to have a hat that made me feel truly magical.


I strive to create hats that are fantastical and make people feel like they have entered their own magical world to play in. My hats are hand cut, painted, and then decorated. Most of the plants are faux but there are some that are authentic dried plants such as moss, branches, nuts, pinecones and the like. If I can continue growing my craft in the future, I would like to begin drying my own plants by hand and offer a higher quality more natural product for some witches who would like to further connect with nature during their practice. 

If you have any questions about my craft or would like to inquire about a custom project, please contact me following the button below. I look forward to making your magical dream come true. 

Pink Flower
Pink Flower
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