Hat fits up to 24 in circumference head! This romantic black witch hat is full of lovely flowers and home to a friendly little crow perched atop the cone! The brim is hand cut and rimmed with a black lace. All my hats are handmade and hand painted. I painted this one black and feathered in hints of metallic gold around the hat to add to the elegant and gorgeous look. Help support my passion and enjoy being a lovely witchy human with this delightful witch hat!

*Proper products photos to be posted soon!*

Red and White Rose Black Witch Hat

  • These hats are a work of art and aren't meant to combat weather. They could get damaged if exposed to rain or extreme winds.

    Some components on the hat are made of real plants. So please store it in a cool and dry place when not in use.

    If you get your hat dirty, do not use soap or any chemical cleaners. Use only water and non abrasive cloth or tissue paper to gently wipe away dirt.

    These hats are not machine washable.